Academic abilities and alignments

Many of the stats in RPGs map pretty well onto real life. Especially academic life. Two elements of the stat block somehow capture the essence of academic life better than words do.

For one thing, it seems like the professors, as a whole, fit into the High-INT, low-WIS profile. I don’t know if that’s offensive to an outsider, but it is not supposed to be offensive. It’s just an RPG way of saying “These characters are powerful in arcane matters but have trouble with common sense and perceiving the world immediately around them.”

Another thing: A lot of the culture on a campus seems to be Chaotic Neutral. This basically means, pushing back against norms, traditions, hierarchies, and laws …. and not caring too much about universal concepts of good and evil. Professors generally don’t buy into the idea that anything is particularly sacred, but they really do like the idea of challenging and critiquing.

When I talk to gamers about working at universities, it’s such a nice shorthand to say “High INT, low WIS, Chaotic Neutral.”