NINA Makes NFTs Valuable

I have been an NFT skeptic because of the lack of rivalry and excludability in digital goods. A new software named NINA wraps a digital item in a shell that provides excludability and rivalry. It comes from a company I am working with pro bono. You will see why at the end of the slideshow.

From Eduardo Salazar, Forctis CEO: Forctis will make the NINA viewer freely available, support it for free, and eventually allow other people to bundle the tech into their own image rendering software. Creating the Nina payload file will require an ESF (Electronic Signature File) that Forctis will provide. This is a service to artists that will monetize their work, so there will be a charge for it. However, there will be different tiers. Young/aspiring artists will get it for free, and there’ll be an honorware system (at these initial tiers) to allow people eventually pay what they think is fair. Once an artist is established there will be a charge.

The revenues from NINA will be used to further the development of the software, and also to fund a Foundation to help teenagers struggling with depression and other mental health issues.

If interested, contact Eduardo Salazar at