Life is a Game

What if life is really a game? Many writers and thinkers have said so; but what does it mean? In this book, economist and game design professor Edward Castronova tackles the question head on.

2040: An American Insurgency

This game simulates an American civil war in the year 2040. There is also a free version suitable for classroom exercises. Nov 2020: Draft game board added

Announcing VIRUS: A Pandemic Disaster Response Simulation for 36-108 Players

I made a game to help organizations respond to things like COVID-19. It’s being offered for free as my contribution to the crisis. This is a simulation of a virus pandemic attacking a US state. Players play all the critical roles: Governor, National Guard, Police Chiefs, Doctors, FEMA, CDC, and the President. Solid takeaways and very engaging too. See inside for details on running it for your group.

Past Glory

More than 15 years ago, I wrote this paper about the economies of games. The nice people at Today I Found Out recently made a video about it. Thanks to former student Sami Stegall for the heads up!

Why Do Games Have Gods?

“Why God?” is often asked about the real world. It seems like a hangover from our goat-herding days. How odd, then, that Gods are everywhere in fantasy worlds. Why?