The Alcoholics Anonymous Game

This game is a free download for anyone who is concerned about their drinking. In the game, you roll the dice and move to a new space. You draw a card that tells a story about drinking, about all the problems, but also about ways to recover and get better.

The game is based on the principles of the Alcoholics Anonymous program. It includes the 12 Steps, the Serenity Prayer, and dozens of other reminders, such as Fake It Til you Make It, One Day at a Time, and Don’t Live in the Wreckage of the Future.

The game is really easy to play. Roll the dice and move, then draw a card and follow the instructions. In the game, all the players start out on Drinking spaces. These spaces give you problems until you hit rock bottom. Then you go onto Recovery spaces. On Recovery, you get AA cards that help you get rid of your problems. But watch out. You might land on a Relapse space and go back to drinking! Don’t worry, though. The other players can help you get back into Recovery.

The game ends when the players block all the Relapse spaces and at least one of them has no problems left. Everybody wins!

This game is a fun, easy way to introduce people to AA, especially if they like games. All you need are the cards and the board, provided free in the links below. The rules of the game are on the board and are super easy.

The AA Game: For 1-6 players ages 14 and up. Play time: 30 minutes.


AA Game Cards – Print double sided and cut out. For higher quality, use cardstock and use different colors for the different decks.

AA Game Board – Print as a poster. Then tape the pieces together. For higher quality, go to a copy store and have it printed as one piece. It is 24 inches by 24 inches.

(An earlier version of the game cost $15 at a game website. I have decided to offer the game for free from my own website. If it saves even one person from alcoholism, it is worth it.)

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